Saturday, July 25, 2009

Parkway Pics

We just returned from our latest journey, and after three back-to-back trips, I find I'm deprived of creativity and flowing thought (reference Due West post) so a decent article will have to wait. Until then, I'll leave you with a few pictures we took along the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend.

The Parkway is always a treat (if you'll recall, I ranked it as one of my top NC destinations for the WYFF interview) and this time was no different. Along with amazing views, we found plenty of Turks Caps Lilies growing, or about to bloom. What a wondrous creation!

We entered the Parkway from Hwy 191 near the NC Arboretum, and drove south to Mt. Pisgah, where we ate dinner at the Pisgah Inn. With its fabulous views, gift shop, and a menu that ranges from chicken tenders to mountain trout, I've long ranked this as the number one eatery on the Parkway. We visit as often as we can. The Inn itself is nice as well. It books quickly, so call well in advance to make a reservation, though we once snagged a room on a Friday after someone canceled.

Not the greatest shots, but I'd left the tripod in the car. If it helps, the windowed-wall at the restaurant overlooks this:

It takes our breath away every time we see it.

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Eric said...

I ate at the Pisgah Inn last week while camping at the campground. Wonder if we were there the same time?

KT said...

The lilies are one of my favorite summer wildflowers. I never get tired of the views from the BRP either. Last month Joe and me had lunch at the Pisgah Inn. The food was good and you can't beat the view. I would recommend the Mt. Mitchell restaurant too.

Kimberli said...

Oh cool. However, we were there just two days ago (on the 24th). Did you take the obligatory hike up Mt Pisgah to work off those calories? Those and then some. That's one steep hill!

Kimberli said...

Hi KT. I'm so glad you and Joe made it over that way. The lilies were beautiful! Though surprisingly, some were quite small. One bloom we found at the lower elevation was as big as my hand, but the rest, growing in abundance toward Pisgah, could fit in my palm. I have a little hand! I didn't expect that.

I also noticed that, like the trout lilies at the Plummers, the stamen on some were darker than those on others. I'll have to grab my new wildflower book to see if I can figure that one out. If not, feel free to enlighten me :o)

The restaurant at Mt Mitchell is good. Though I love the view, location, and that rustic wood building, in the past, I ranked it third in Parkway eateries. The food is okay, but somewhat like one can get at home. HOWEVER, their peach cobbler is fantastic. Far better than the restaurant at Mt Pisgah.

Eric said...

I was there 7/14. No hiking for me that day. I injured my foot over July 4th weekend which is why I was car camping in the first place. I've been up Mt. Pisgah before though. You're right, it does get steep. Pretty trail though.

Kimberli said...

I'm sorry to hear about your foot! (I'm way behind on blog posts because of the trips, so I missed it if you mentioned on yours.) I hope it heals quickly. Glad you're still able to enjoy the mountains.

NCmountainwoman said...

We drive up to the Pisgah Inn for breakfast at least once a month. Great view and great food.

Kimberli said...

We ate breakfast there once, after we managed to snag a reso at the Inn that someone canceled. I don't recall how it was, but I also don't recall ever having a bad meal there.

Besides the location, food, and view, I also love the gift shop and their selection of regional books, which I seem to be addicted to. Overall, a nice destination!

Julie said...

Kimberli, it's so good to see you! I'm glad you had a great trip. Your pictures of the mountains are the reason America the Beautiful was written! As always, I'm amazed by your talent. Blue Ridge is an accurate name, too. What a wonderful post. Thank you!

Kimberli said...

Hi Julie, and thanks! The Blue Ridge Mountains are incredible, aren't they? And we love meandering along the Parkway. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

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