Jump Off Rock, Laurel Park, NC

Jump Off Rock, near Hendersonville, NC (not to be confused with Jumping Off Rock near SC's Lake Jocassee) offers a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains just yards from the street.

From Hwy 64 in Hendersonville, we went south on Main St then right on 5th, just past The Mast General Store. A few stoplights later, 5th St changes to Laurel Park Highway, and we twisted and wound along the two-lane road as it gained elevation. At the end, the road split into a small loop. Here, we parked and took the pathway to the rock outcropping known as Jump Off Rock.

Short walk from the street to Jump Off
Copyright 2011 K Buffaloe
Jump Off Rock
Copyright 2011 K Buffaloe
While the outcropping is called Jump Off, please don't! According to several sources, the destination derives its name from the legend of a young native who supposedly jumped after receiving word of her love's death. Instead, take a moment to enjoy the panoramic view, which includes Cold Mountain, and Mount Pisgah.

View from Jump Off Rock. For a larger image, click on the photo.
Copyright 2011 K Buffaloe
There are three hiking trails near Jump Off Rock. We were unable to explore any of the trails on this trip, but plan to when we return. A sign on the premises states visitors are to hike at their own risk, so use the utmost caution while on the trails.

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Sedona Trail said...

Intriguing legend behind the name. Looks like a good place to hike based on your pics. Thanks for sharing.

Kimberli said...

It's beautiful. I took a video of the view, but it was somehow erased. I'll snatch another on the next visit.

Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by!

NCmountainwoman said...

I cannot believe that I have lived here so long and never knew about Jump Off. We will definitely drop by next week.

Kimberli said...

That's what we thought, NC, and we wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't picked up one of those area maps at the hotel. You'll love the view!

Good to see you again. Thanks for stopping by!