The Return of the Swans

Sorry, but after reading @ (Swanquarter, Hyde Co, etc) recent Twitter tweet, I couldn't resist...

The snowy swan arched her wings and rising up, took flight. And soared across the tundra ice in search of warmer nights. Though weary from the journey of a thousand miles or more, she pressed on southward to her goal on Carolina shores.

At last! The oval lake of blue appeared within her sight. The snow swan then arched her wings and ended there her flight.

Landing in the shallow waters, she at a cypress moored.

And there she rested for a month on Carolina shores.

According to Inner Bank's tweet, the swans are back around Swanquarter and Lake Mattamuskeet. We'll be heading east in the near future!


Julie said...

I love your pictures...and poem! It's so nice to come home...and get back to Carolina Towns and Trails. Thank you for sharing all this beauty.

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Julie. That's very kind coming from a poet of your caliber, lol. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, and hope y'all can make it to Mattamuskeet or Pea Island while the birds are in town. Such beauty!