Books: Two SC Lowcountry Resources

Every time I think I have a solid grasp of places to visit around the Carolinas, I hear about a dozen more, so I'm always searching for field guides with information on unexplored destinations. During the last two trips to South Carolina's Lowcountry, I found the following treasures.

Lowcountry Daytrips: Plantations, Gardens, and a Natural History of the Charleston Region by William P. Baldwin III

After providing an informative introduction on the Lowcountry, the author divides the SC coast from Murrells Inlet to the Savannah River into eleven daytrip tours, using Charleston as the starting point (of course!) Within each tour, Mr Baldwin directs visitors to several points of interest in the area, and includes history, facts, and directions for each location. Some places, such as Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, are well-known. Some I've never heard of, and still others, such as Bushy Park and the Indigo vats near the Cooper River, I wouldn't have thought to visit.

A source of new places to explore and oodles of history made Lowcountry Daytrips a great find, and worth the ten dollars we spent.

George Washington's Guide to the Waccamaw Neck and Georgetown by Sharon Carlisle

A spiral-bound book that guides visitors on the route George Washington took along the Waccamaw Neck during his famous Southern Tour in 1791 sounds a bit cheesy. But in addition to providing blurbs from President Washington's journal—giving readers a glimpse into the early days of South Carolina's history, government, and landscape—Ms. Carlisle points out places newer guides may not include, such as the Wachesaw Landing, where the Waccamaw Indians once hunted and buried their own; Litchfield Plantation; Hobcaw Barony; a one-room schoolhouse; the ruins of Prince Frederick's Church, and more.

Using fantastic detail, Ms. Carlisle shares her knowledge of the history, landscape, legend, and culture along the 30 x 3 mile strip of land south of Myrtle Beach. She even includes photos.

The book was published in 1991, so some information may be a tad out of date—famous Murrells Inlet resident Mickey Spillane is referred to in the present tense—but the book is loaded with history and places to visit. The only thing I don't like about it is the lack of clear directions. However, I now know what to look for.

Both books will go on the Carolina reference shelf with others I've mentioned in the past. For a list, check out my "Guides to Help You Find Your Way" post.


Julie said...

Kimberli, I just bookmarked your post, because I have got to get both of these books. My husband and I love the SC Lowcountry (and history). We have relatives in the Lowcountry and have been talking about going to see them for ages. It would also be a great excuse to do some day trips.

Again...THANK YOU for sharing such awesome information! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and many blessings in the coming year.

Kimberli said...

Hi Julie! I'm sure you'll enjoy the books. If you can't find Washington's Guide, check with Litchfield Books in Pawleys Island. I bought my copy there.

Thank you for the Christmas wishes. The same to your and your family.

As always, thanks for stopping by!