The Last of Autumn

Autumn is waning, and yards and forests are now sporting bare trees and carpets of dead leaves. According to several of the locals, eastern North Carolina saw more color this year than in years past. We took a few photos of the squash, apple, and pumpkin-tinted tapestry at its peak.

Soybean ripe for the harvest:

Harvest time! Typical traffic jam this time of year:

Reflection in Blackwaters:

Color in my own front yard:

I've always said autumn is the best time to explore the Carolinas. Not just because of the colors, but because crowds have thinned, and with leaves falling, views are even better. And with the colder weather, the migrating swans and geese will soon arrive. Nothing could be finer. Hope to see you around a Carolina town or trail soon.


James Robert Smith said...

I grew up in it, but I do not miss the low country.

Kimberli said...

I love going down to Charleston, Beaufort and Savannah, but I miss the mountains.