Autumn at Merchants Millpond

We recently returned to Merchants Millpond State Park to hike, and enjoy what we knew would be gorgeous scenery. This is our second visit to the park, so I won't recap information posted in my first post.

So I'll leave you with photos that we took near the picnic area we visited during our last visit, and also along the Cypress Point Trail.

A beautiful autumn day at one of North Carolina's beautiful state parks.


Julie said...

Wow! The colors in these photos are just stunning. Absolutely beautiful. I have an affinity for moss and cypress, so I think this post is especially wonderful. And I love those cypress knees!

It looks so lush. The fall leaves are gorgeous, but my eyes keep going back to those shades of green.

It makes me appreciate how much green we have in our state, even during the fall and winter. Thank you! This has made my day.

Kimberli said...

We've been to Merchants Millpond twice, both times during autumn, and it never disappoints. One of these days we'll tour it by water.

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I hope you can witness autumn there in person one of these days!