Sunset and Moonrise on Mattamuskeet

We traveled to Lake Mattamuskeet last week to see if the snow geese had arrived. A few birds are vacationing on the North Carolina coast, but the majority are still lingering up north.

But our disappointment sank with the setting sun, for as we watched, the sky turned gold, blue, pink, and then a fire-and-brimstone bubbling kind of red. That performance alone would have captivated us, but add to that the sight of Tundra swans swimming in sunset-tinted water and you have breathtaking.

But Mattamuskeet wasn't finished with us. As we turned to go, a full moon rose on the east side of the lake and cast a yellow shaft of light across the water near a large colony of birds.

Click on the link below the photo box to see a slideshow of the photos in their entirety:

I love Lake Mattamuskeet.


Lew said...

Beautiful shots of the sky over Mattamuskeet Lake! The sunset is just fantastic.

Kimberli said...

Thank you, Lew. It was a spectacular sight, for sure, especially with the moon rising on the east side of the lake.

BTW, I stopped by your blog yesterday. I love the shot of your snow covered house! That's a beauty. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! It sounds like a fantastic trip. Merry Christmas, Kimberli. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time! XXOOXX