Pleasant Ridge Recreation Area

Today, I contracted that ansy, crawling-out-of-my skin feeling that comes with being locked in an office too long, so we jumped in the car after work and drove toward those big, jagged rocks on our horizon. As we headed toward Hwy 11, I remembered the Pleasant Ridge sign that we've been overlooking for the past three years and we decided to check it out.

I'm not sure exactly what this place is, but it's a pleasant, fee-less area with at least one covered pavilion, a grassy picnic area, another grassy play area, a camping area, cabins, and a nature trail. Since it was 6:15, we thought it best to head to the trail and take a quick peek before it was too dark to peek at anything at all. So past the picnic tables and over two small bridges we went, and FINALLY, we were back on the trail.

The path looked as if it hadn't been tromped on in several months. Leaves and acorns littered the uneven rises and steps. We could hear traffic in the distance, but we also heard the sound of rushing water. Squirrels danced in the branches knocking acorns to the ground. One bird chirped loudly. Overall, we decided it was definitely someplace we wanted to get to know a little better.

Alas, night fell too soon and it was time to leave. We'll head back at a later date, though.

Information on the nature trail is at

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