Paris Mountain, Brissy Ridge Trail

A quick weekday trip is always a treat, and after a couple difficult days at work, Kelley suggested an evening hike at Paris Mountain. I agreed before he finished talking.

Since it was getting close to sunset, we choose the 2.4 Brissy Ridge Loop. This trail is marked easy to difficult. Part of the trail is for hikers only. This is the "difficult" section. It's quite steep in places, narrow at times, and littered with rocks and roots, but makes for a terrific workout. The other part of the trail is shared with mountain bikers. Shared in name only, that is. When those bikes came bursting through the trees, we jumped aside as fast as possible!

As I mentioned in our post regarding our short trip on the AT, I noticed we were hiking faster. We noticed it again on this trip (until we hit an incline and I had to slow down to breath.) Some of the bikers commented that we were making good time when they passed us a second time. Of course we were making good time, we were running from the bikes!

While a good workout, this isn't an attractive trail. Fallen trees lay in several places, and we spotted only a few wildflowers idling with the end of the season.

We made it back to the car as the sky was beginning to turn pink. It won't be too long until opportunities like this are lost in winter's short days. Such a shame that we rediscovered this place three years after moving here.

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