At the Base of the Smokies: Mingo Falls

As I mentioned in my last post, we had two destinations in mind during our brief stop in Cherokee, NC (three, really, but we couldn't fit in Soco Falls.) The first was Mingus Mill. The second, Mingo Falls. Located just north of Cherokee off Big Cove Road, Mingo Falls is one of those hidden treasures worth visiting while in the area. It's also an amazingly short walk from the parking lot, if you don't mind a few steps. 

During our visit, we encountered a few people who couldn't handle the steps (between 130 and 150), which was unfortunate. At the top, visitors need only walk a short distance to the bridge that offers a spectacular view of Mingo Falls. I failed to get a decent shot of the falls during our visit, but I did take a brief video clip:

A photo of the base of the falls:

It was a refreshing stop that made for a good workout during our visit to Cherokee. For more information on Mingo Falls, including directions and a fabulous photo, go to


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and enjoyed reading about the trip.

Ann Ellison

Kimberli said...

Thank you, Miss Ann. It's such a beautiful, peaceful place, and well worth climbing the steps to get there.

kathyinozarks said...

looks like a beautiful spot

Kimberli said...

Sorry for the delay in posting, Kathy. The notice got lost in my inbox. Thank you! It's a gorgeous spot, and not far from the parking lot if visitors will just persevere with the steps.