Yates Mill, Raleigh

Historic Yates Mill in Raleigh. While the two hundred year old structure is not open to the public, visitors can walk around the mill, stroll along trails, and purchase cornmeal ground at the mill.

Yates Mill (Copyright K. Buffaloe)
Side View (Copyright K Buffaloe)
Rear View (Copyright K. Buffaloe)

Copyright K Buffaloe
Sepia gives the mill an aged look (Copyright K Buffaloe)

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kathyinozarks said...

I always loved old working mills like this one-they are a part of our american heritage. have not been to one since my childhood.

Kimberli said...

I'm just now learning to have an appreciation for these old mills, though I've seen some on the past. Appreciation is finally sinking in.

And I have more cornmeal, though I had to sift out the corn husks from this bag. I'm trying to figure out what to do with them.

West Fork Trail said...

It's always a treat to hike a trail with a history. Makes you wonder how it was during their glory days.

Kimberli said...

Trails with history are definitely an added bonus. I'm glad groups work to preserve such history, and these old mills. I've learned cornmeal and grits purchased from some of the mills are very tasty. Far better than anything I could buy in a store.