Southport, NC: A Blurb

The Old Brunswick Town trip started out as an excursion to Southport, NC. The idea was to visit Southport and then take the ferry to Bald Head Island, where we hoped to watch tiny little turtles making their newborn dash to the sea. But when we approached the historical marker for Charles Town (more on that in my next post) and then Brunswick Town, we couldn't resist stopping.

After our stroll through history, we did make it to Southport, but time and a 90% threat of rain chased us away.

But Southport deserves a mention. From the quick auto tour we took, by all appearances, the town seems charming. Coastal-style homes with wide front porches sit on picturesque streets or facing boats bobbing in a marina. According to Coastal North Carolina, Fort Johnston was established here in 1754 and life grew around it until finally, a port city formed. From exploring north carolina's natural areas, I learned of the effort to save old live oaks that once thrived in the area. A sight we missed, but would love to see.

Also from Coastal NC, we learned Southport was "one the first places in (North Carolina) to celebrate" Independence Day, and they're now known as the Fourth of July Capital. At least of the state. The author reports thousands of people visit Southport every year to participate in a three-day event to commemorate our nation's liberty, and indeed, we pulled into town on Friday afternoon, July 1st. Rows of small flags lined the sides of roads, and red, white and blue bunting hung from white railings of porches. We headed out of town before the masses arrived!

As I mentioned earlier, Southport is the place to go to catch the ferry to Bald Head Island. According to exploring north carolina, the ferry is also the best way to see the Cape Fear Estuary.

I'll find out next month. Every year on my birthday, we try to visit a new Carolina destination, or enjoy a favorite old one. This year, our destination is Bald Head Island. If I get my birthday wish, I'll not only visit Southport and get a good look at the estuaries, I'll be blessed enough to see iddy-biddy turtles scuttling to the sea.

For information on the Bald Head Island Ferry, click here.

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