Taking on the Sinks

I'm jumping ahead in my Smokies posts because a couple of people are waiting to see these photos.

Beneath a bridge on the road to Cades Cove is a small cascades known as The Sinks. Waterfalls of the Smokies describes it as, "The Little River sinks suddenly and dramatically over tilted formations of Thunderhead sandstone." The author is referring to this view:

While we were visiting The Sinks, a couple of kayakers prepared to take on the white water. We had to see that! And of course, I had to take photos.

Unexpected fun on our last day in the Smoky Mountains. Thanks, guys!


Bob D said...

I've visited the sinks before but wasn't blessed with kayakers. Nice job on the action photos!

Kimberli said...

It was our second visit to the Sinks on this trip (overall, our first ever). We'd stopped to take a couple photos without being hampered by heavy rain. The kayakers were unloading, so we had to stay and watch. All the onlookers thought they were crazy to kayak over the Sinks, but they made it look easy, and fun. I'm glad we stayed!

Thanks for the kind words on the photos. I didn't want to risk ruining the pics, so I set my Nikon on the Sports setting and started snapping!