A Week on the Bogue: NC Aquarium

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the NC Aquarium has three locations along the North Carolina coast. One at Fort Fisher, one on Roanoke Island, and one in the middle of Bogue Banks, on Pine Knoll Shores. While the aquarium at Fort Fisher features life along the Cape Fear, the Pine Knolls location covers North Carolina from the mountains to the sea.

We'd purchased an annual membership during our Fort Fisher excursion, so during our recent visit to Bogue Banks, we popped in the Pine Knolls location for a quick visit. A waterfall in the mountain exhibit greeted us at the entrance.

From there, we explored the coast, the Tidal Waters, and the Ocean.

And somehow missed the Piedmont. How does anyone miss the North Carolina Piedmont!

Highlights at the Pine Knolls aquarium include playful otters and a Loggerhead turtle nursery, and, as I'd been told on numerous occasions before our visit, the shipwreck tank. It was pretty neat.

Loggerhead swimming with the fish:

And a shark:

Through our own fault, we had been expecting a larger facility, but as we quickly learned, the NC Aquarium at Pine Knolls Shores is a great stop for those visiting Bogue Banks. For more information, including price of admission, go to

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