A Note from Bogue Banks

As you can see, I'm running late on postings. Last week, I was preparing for a writers retreat on Bogue Banks, which I am now attending. As I write this, the soft shush of waves is filtering in from an open window. I'm on the fifth floor of a condo, and from the living room, I have a wonderful view of the pool, beach and watery horizon. Out the front door, the maritime forest developers wisely ignored stretches to the north and south along the road.

The quiet is broken only by the cry of seagulls, and, around 2:00 AM last night, a siren blasting from the hotel across the road along with an announcement that an emergency had been reported and stay tuned for further instructions! To back up that claim, strobe lights flashed along the facade, and the blinking lights of a dozen police cars and fire trucks flooded the ground around the first floor. I'll pass along info on that as it becomes available.

I'll post info and pictures next week, along with photos of the NC Aquarium on Pine Knoll Shores, just up the road from where I'm staying. Until then, have a great week, and enjoy whatever spot the Carolina roads take you!



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