Images from UNC Chapel Hill and Coker Arboretum

Shortly after moving to eastern NC, I began referring to the Piedmont as the land between me and the mountains. I've stopped saying that, for there appears to be some great places we need to visit. So why we started at UNC Chapel Hill, I don't know.

During the drive to UNC, I consulted my Gazetteer to see what outdoor destinations lie close to the university. To the north, I found Eno River State Park, and what looks like the Cox Mountain Trail (Yes, mountains! Although the elevation in this area appears to be less than one thousand feet.) Also to the north, just southwest of Hillsborough, the Occonneechee Mountain State Natural Area. To the south of Chapel Hill is popular Jordan Lake. Around its banks, counterclockwise:

Parker Creek State Recreation Area (SRA)
Vista Point SRA
Poe's Ridge SRA
New Hope Overlook SRA
Ebenezer Church SRA
Poplar Point SRA
Crosswinds SRA

And in various spots around the lake, Jordan Game Lands, so be careful during hunting season. I don't yet know what kind of public access these locations have. They're just more destinations we need to explore. But hey, I'm good with that.

Below are a few pictures we took on the grounds of UNC at Chapel Hill. We also walked around Coker Arboretum, which is either on UNC's grounds, or adjacent to them. It was a pleasant stroll, and the shade of the large trees cooled us off on such a warm day.


Julie said...

I didn't know about the Coker Arbetorum. Thank you! Your slide show is magnificent. I feel like I'm right there.

We probably rode past each other and didn't even know it! I'm close to the Eno and Occoneechee.
You're right about the beauty. It is a very beautiful area with much to see and many lakes and rivers. I love Falls Lake and Beaver Dam. It is huge and will take many trips to see it all. Lake Michie, Harris Lake, etc. We just went to Duke Gardens (Sarah P. Duke Gardens), and it is gorgeous. Best of all, it's free!

I love the Hillsborough area, too, especially the countryside. I haven't seen Coker yet, so I appreciate your tips. That's one of the many reasons I love Carolina so much. I grew up here but am still discovering all that is here. Thanks, Kimberli!

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Julie! We had a nice, pleasant walk around the Arboretum that day. It's quite lovely, though one Twitterer warned us against going there at night.

I was amazed at the amount of outdoor recreation available in that area. Incredible! We've been actively (ie almost weekly) exploring the Carolinas for over five years now, and we still have a lot left to see. Cool, eh? :o)