Upstate SC and WNC Hiking Reports

Living in eastern NC, we can't cover Upstate and WNC hiking trails as we'd like, but a few other folks can. I've already pointed out Rich Stephenson's and A Day's Drive From Greenville, so below are additional links to reports on trails located in the western Carolinas.

SC Jack:

Moderator of my hiking group, CarolinasAdventures, Jack is an avid hiker and camper, and has covered a lot of ground in both states. Unafraid to bushwack when necessary, Jack tackles tough trails in rugged territory. Note: He recently began this blog, so not all reports have been posted.

Andy (and Boone):

Another member of CarolinasAdventure, Andy and his dog, Boone, also enjoy a hearty hike, whether it be on a mountain trail or snaking along a river in a canoe. I'm a huge fan of his reports, which are well-written and often hilarious.

Brenda Wiley:

Brenda hits the trail as often as possible and I love reading her reports. A fan of trail maps, she includes excellent details and photos in each post. You can read her report on Raven Cliff Falls on this blog.

Appalachian Treks:

I haven't a clue who runs this site, but beautiful photos and informative posts make it a great read.

THE REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: I haven't read every post, nor have I hiked all the trails they mention, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the information on their sites. As with my blog, only use the personal observations you find on these sites as a guide. For your safety, and the safety of your family, research all outdoor destinations before visiting them.

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