Out West

We're out west this week, visiting our first grandson, so I'm writing about a different kind of Carolinas destination. During my trip to Columbia's State Museum, I learned the Carolinas originally stretched to the Pacific Ocean, which means the original charter included the landscapes below.

Can you believe it?

Irving, TX (near Dallas) from the sky:

Along I-10 in west Texas:

Rugged mountains in New Mexico:

I hear cattle grazed these lands in the days of Geronimo and the O.K. Corral

At Texas Canyon in Arizona:

Saguaro cactus in Arizona

After spotting several initials on mountains,
we learned the letter represents the name of the town

High winds kick up the sand in Arizona:

Sunset over California:

This stark, barren land has a rugged beauty, but the rocky landscape makes me appreciate the lush and varied habitats of today's Carolinas.


Bored Geek said...

Nice Pics, what camera you shooting with?

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Da. We use a Nikon, though some of the pics in the older posts were taken with a Canon Powershot.

Lew said...

Beautiful shots of your cross country trip! You are right, there's just something soothing about sitting in the green grass under a big shade tree!

Kimberli said...

I agree with you, Lew. While rugged and outstanding in its own right, the southwest's dry rock-and-dirt landscape (what I called "Mars, if it developed sparse vegetation") has too much of a lonely feel for me.

Julie said...

Again, I agree with you. Of course, I'm biased, but there's no place like a live oak tree:)

But that doesn't discount the beauty of these pictures. Wonderful.

Congratulations on your grandson!!! It looks like it was a fantastic and memorable trip.

Kimberli said...

A live oak would be a blessing out in those parts. Imagine hundreds of miles of this landscape in one, long, continuous stretch, with hardly a soul or dwelling in sight. It certainly makes one feel small.