A Few More From Out West

Just a few more images from our trip out west before I return to my regular posting. Unfortunately, we don't have reports for these destinations since we saw them only in passing. We'll save those future trips. Until then, we'll leave you with these:

Big Bear Mountain, CA

Somewhere in New Mexico:

Elk graze alongside the road in NM:

Outside of Albuquerque. While I dealt with 100 degree heat in Cali, snow had fallen the night before in the mountains of New Mexico:

Canyon between Flagstaff and Albuquerque:

What a vast and wondrous country we have!


Lew said...

Great photos of that area! And there is beauty all around this country. Where there is no beauty, usually man has destroyed it.

Kimberli said...

Very true, but in this case, I'm glad people paved this particular piece of paradise before we came along. I would not enjoy traversing that hostile land by horse or carriage!

Glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for stopping by!

Julie said...

Beautiful, Kimberli! I especially love that last photo. Look at the red in that mountain! You're so right. What a beautiful country we are blessed to have.

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Julie! With the exception of the first photo, all these pics are my husband's handiwork--and he took them from the passenger seat of a moving car! He does terrific work, especially for an amateur. I'll pass along your note to him.

Julie said...

Tell him they're so good...I thought they were yours!

I really am impressed, especially knowing they were taken from a moving vehicle. Thanks again for posting them!

Kimberli said...

I passed the compliment along. Thanks!

It's hard to tell which one of us takes the shot; we have similar styles. On the previous post, I took six of the pictures, and he took the rest. The hint is in the artistry--he's better with the composition. The cactus shot? His.