More on Resources: Scenic NC Blog and Waterfall Videos

While we're on the subject of resources, Kelvin Taylor, co-moderator of Carolinas Adventures, (the hiking group I often mention) created a companion blog for his website,

While Carolina Towns and Trails focuses on outdoor destinations, KT's Exploring Scenic NC takes a peek at the makeup of the state, from geology and soil to weather events, and discusses their significance to the landscape. KT has led several group hikes to local longleaf pine savannas since our arrival, and he has supplied me with information on the natural communities on the eastern side of North Carolina. He's also what several of us refer to as "the resident botanist", so expect information on area plants, wildflowers, and preserves crucial to the ecology of the state.

And his pictures are splendid:

Want more? Go to

Later, I have more to share. KT, in conjunction with Waterfall Rich of, has created a page on Vimeo. You'll find videos of waterfalls, mountains, kayakers, and more. It's great for people like me who love the mountains, but can't visit as often as they'd like. To watch the videos, go to

It occurs to me that you may be wondering why we go through the trouble of photographing, videoing, and blogging the wonders of the Carolinas, and then turn around and hand that information to you. You know those people who claim they love their work so much they'd do it for free? Yeah, that's us.

Okay, you can go to KT's blog now.


Kelvin Taylor said...

I thought I heard my name mentioned. Thanks for the plug. Well done!

Kimberli said...

My pleasure. You've been a terrific help to me and to other CAers. I'm pleased you've decided to share that terrific knowledge with others.

Anonymous said...

This is more great information. I've been to other outdoor blogs that are nice, but I love how you give have such a wide variety of themes and info. I'll go check out KT's blog, too. Thanks for the links!

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Julie. Yep, as you know, there are a slew of angles to take when it comes to exploring the Carolinas. It just depends on what you want. And it's hard to cover it all. That's why I try to pull in other blogs that make up for the info I haven't/can't cover.

Now, if I can find good restaurant and boating/canoeing/kayaking the Carolinas waters sources, the ring will just about be complete!

I've been meaning to write to find out how close you are to the John H Kerr Lake State Recreation Area and Bullocks Park near the NC/VA border. I don't know a think about it yet, but I intend to learn.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, Kimberli. You've gotten me all excited...LOL! I just googled the Henderson address on their website. Is that correct? If it is, then I'm about 45 minutes away. So far, we've been looking south and west, and I didn't think to look north. Duh. Thanks so much for that information. If I can get a weekend without rain or family plans, I'm headed that way!

Kimberli said...

Yes, in Henderson. I recently received my North Carolina State Parks: a Niche Guide and Kerr Lake State Recreation Area is listed in it. The web address is

The recommended method of enjoying the park is fishing and boating, but I see they have a couple of nature trails as well. I haven't yet found anything on Bullocks Park, which is just north of the official recreation area (means it's highlighted on the map), or on Satterwhite Recreation Area, which is adjacent to Kerr Lake, directly south.

Have fun!

Kimberli said...

Hi Joannah. Thanks for dropping by and leaving the nice comment, which I chose not to publish because of the associated link. I'm doing my best to keep this place ad free. The only products permitted are those which I recommend in association with Carolina travel. (I don't receive compensation for such recommendations or reviews.) Links are also prohibited unless I know and trust the person posting.

Thanks for taking time to stop by.