Thank you, Our State

A few months ago, Our State magazine asked readers to share the reasons they love North Carolina. I couldn't pass up that request, so I entered a short blurb naming things dear to my heart from the mountains to the sea.

Today I received both the February issue of Our State and a call from the editorial office informing me they printed my essay, but accidentally attributed it to the wrong person. While disappointed, I'm honored they felt my entry worthy of inclusion in their "Why We Love North Carolina" spread. Thank you, Our State.

So if you have the February issue, turn to page 116. After you read Loretta Oxendine's Fresh Catch article, check out the sidebar on the right, attributed to DeeAnn Johns. Those are just a few of the reason I love North Carolina. The rest are in this blog.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kimberli!! I'm so glad they chose your writing, because you deserve it. But what a disappointment to have it attributed to someone else. It was nice of them to call you. Maybe they will do a reprint or correction?

Regardless, I will check it out. Congratulations on your fine writing.

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Julie. Someone from the editorial office called to tell me about the mistake, and to let me know they're printing a correction in the April issue.

It was just a small piece, and one of a dozen or so Why We Love NC essays included, but still, it's neat. After all, it's Our State!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Congrats! You deserve it. Maybe they will get the next one right :-)