TS Hannah

My husband and I experienced our first coastal weather event when Tropical Storm Hannah made landfall last Saturday morning and proceeded to move directly over our area. Fortunately, the damage was minor considering the possibilities. To the south of us, Fayetteville received flooding, and to the north, booths at an outdoor festival in Raleigh were destroyed. The worst of it: trees fell on a couple Triangle homes. The damage in our area was limited to a few downed trees, even more branches, and at least two downed power or telephone lines. Power outages were also reported. To my knowledge, that's it.

I took some pictures, of course. Below, you'll see a video clip of the wind around 7:30 A.M., just as Hannah arrived in our area. You'll also see photos of her retreat, which I took while we were checking for damage at the church. The remaining photos are representative of what we saw while driving around.

We didn't welcome Miss Hannah, but we certainly didn't mind the rain she brought with her. Rivers are on the rise, and lakes are significantly higher. A blessing for this drought-stricken area. A mixed blessing for those whose houses were damage in the storm.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful cloud formations. One of the pictures almost looks like a tornado could form. That's always a bit spooky. There's something I love about thunderstorms. But not a tornado...that terrifies me. Again, you have amazing photos!

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Julie. It was an interesting day, that's for sure. I'm glad few had mostly minor damage but--oh!--we received an abundance of rain. The drought is over!

Thanks for your kind words about my photos. NC gives me a lot to work with!