Waynesborough Park, Goldsboro

Or more accurately, Waynesborough Historical Village. I'll stick with "park" for this report.

My husband and I finally found Waynesborough Park after several failed attempts to locate it. With an address like 801 Hwy US 117 Bypass South, one can understand our confusion. To make matters worse, the unadorned entrance is just south of a conglomeration of intersections that still confuses me though we've lived in the area for almost a year.

If you're searching for Waynesborough Park, I suggest you use Mappoint or Google Maps to get a good idea where the park is, and then plug in the address for directions. I created a Mappoint link at

The entrance to Waynesborough leads to a parking lot surrounded by the Visitor's Center (stop in and sign the guestbook before you inspect the display cases filled with artifacts!), the General Store and several other small buildings that form the "village". We went inside the Wiggins House and the Bethany Friends (Quaker) Meeting House. After inspecting hatched snake eggs (ewww) laying nearby, we walked down the trail, over the creek and past the old hay barn to a large field where one can camp or picnic. There should be restrooms in the area, but we didn't search for them. There's also a water fountain.

The park has about three miles of hiking trails. One leads to the boat landing floating in the Neuse. One of the trails is part of the Mountain to the Sea trail system. It was hot the day we happened on the park, and dressed in jeans and a black shirt, I wasn't about to go hiking. We'll return for more detailed explanation.

For more information on Waynesborough Park, go to their website at

Photos from this trip are at Waynesborough Park, Goldsboro

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