Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lee State Park

While visiting Florence, SC, I started looking for a short hike much like we found at Santee State Park earlier this year. My search yielded Carolina Sandhills Natural Wildlife Refuge, located near McBee, S.C and Lee State Park. Lee was far closer, so we headed toward the trail.

Lee State Park is small and, at the time of this visit, not well marked. Though there appeared to be only two streets in the entire park, we had a difficult time finding the trailhead. After driving 1.2 miles into the park and turning right toward the camp ground, we turned around.

The trail we found is actually a boardwalk over a swamp. During the short walk, we saw dragonflies, anoles,bladderworts, and leatherleaf flowers (Chamaedaphne Calyculata, according to a friend).

Copyright 2007 K Buffaloe
Copyright 2007 K Buffaloe
Copyright 2007 K Buffaloe
Copyright 2007 K Buffaloe
The walk was short but peaceful. As it turns out, the park is more oriented for water recreation than land. According to the South Carolina Parks site, kayakers and canoers will enjoy a trip down the Lynches River, and those who prefer fishing can do so along the banks. So if you're near Florence and you're looking for a nice afternoon outing, stop by Lee State Park.

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