Hatcher Gardens - Spartanburg, SC

We traveled to Hatcher Gardens this morning. It didn't look like much from John B. White Blvd, but once inside, we found a wide, paved path winding through a canopy of trees (several of which bore labels so I didn't feel too uninformed), past a roomy, creekside Gazebo that overlooked a fountain, over a small creek, and through a plethora of flowers and plants.

Though we could still hear traffic, the sound of chickadees, robins and cardinals, and the cathedral ceiling of leafy branches provided a seclusion usually found in the mountains. Wildlife is to be found as well. During our visit, a chipmunk searching for fallen seeds from a nearby feeder entertained us for a few moments before he stuck his tail up and ran off.

We found a sitting area around the half-way mark, near a redbud tree. It was a pleasant spot with a picturesque view. A good place to rest, and to chat with others.

Hatcher Gardens is a wonderful place for a half-day outing or a stress-busting walk. For more information, go to

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