Snow Day!

After numerous forecasts that threatened anywhere from one to twelve inches of precipitation, eastern North Carolina and parts of South Carolina received what area children (and a few adults) have longed to see: snow!

My northern friends took great joy in chiding me for making a fuss about such a small amount of snow, but when you only see it every few years, it's a very welcome visitor.


kathyinozarks said...

Looks like you got enough snow to make everything look pretty-I remember in the late 70s when I lived in Jacksonville NC they had a huge snow storm that crippled the area-no plows availble so it was pretty crazy.

Kimberli said...

We have them ever few years and apparently have for centuries. In A New Voyage to Carolina, John Lawson wrote about a winter that was so cold and snowy, the creeks and at least one river froze over. A few years after we moved here, it snowed at least eight inches. Our dogs didn't know what to do! That's just another thing to love about the Carolinas. It doesn't snow too often, and when it does, it's gone in two days.