McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail

I'm not one to redirect readers to another trail report--I prefer passing along my own observations--but while investigating the mystery of why a sign points hikers to a trail located to the immediate left of a kiosk at the McAfee trailhead when the actual trail is across the four-lane highway, I found this well-written report on Hiking Upward, a site you'll want to bookmark. Having taken this hike, I agree with everything the author says (including advice on the return route, though I did not measure the various distances stated, so I cannot confirm those) with the exception of the total miles. From everything I've read, the trail is 3.9 miles one way, though at times, it felt like 4.4.

Now, regarding the sign that points hikers to a trail located to the immediate left of the kiosk....After numerous online searches and an attempt to contact the Appalachian Trail Conservancy via Facebook (in their defense, thanks to Facebook's message set up, I doubt they know they received a message), I called the AT's Virginia office located in Blacksburg and spoke to an AT champion there. According to her, the Conservancy is aware of that path, which was likely created over time by hikers going the wrong way or who needed a restroom break before heading on to McAfee Knob. They're aware of its existence and are working on clarifying for hikers the proper route to take.

A few photos from our journey to the most photographed spot along the AT. Click to start the slideshow. (Mobile users, see photos on our Smugmug site.)


Eric McCarty said...

Enjoyed the slideshow. Will put McAfee Knob on my list.

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Eric. Just remember to cross the highway to reach the correct trail. It's a great hike with fabulous views. While you're in the Roanoke area, consider visiting Cascade Falls as well.

RETA said...

BEAUTIFUL! Makes me want to visit for sure!


Kimberli said...

Thanks, RETA. That's quite a compliment! It's a strenuous hike, but it's worth the time on the trail, and the gorgeous view at the end (or the middle, rather. We had to hike back to our car!)

You have a lovely blog as well. Love that!