Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Article on Beaufort, NC

I'm still cleaning the blog but I wanted to stop and share a bit of CT&T news. A few months back, the editor of a magazine aimed at small business owners, and who was familiar with my work on this blog and my love of the Carolinas, asked if I would be interested in writing articles for a column featuring road trips around the state. The first article appeared in the June issue. All photos in the article itself and in the table of content are mine, and I was pretty excited about seeing those photos (and the article!) in print.

The printed version is distributed in the Charlotte area, but they have an online version as well. The link leads directly to my article on Beaufort, NC, but please look around while you're there.



kathyinozarks said...

Congratulations Kim! How exciting for your writing career Kathy

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Kathy!

Chandra said...


Kimberli said...

Thanks, Chandra!

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