Link to Interview and Next Up!

The creator of contacted me a few weeks ago to request an interview. Though we rarely camp, an omission that needs to be corrected, I responded.

The questions?

For a "newbie" RVing family or camper that's interested in camping in the Carolinas which RV Park, Campground or Trail would you recommend they visit?

Before an individual or family begins there camping vacation in the Carolinas, what supplies do you recommend they bring?

Did you always have a natural affinity towards traveling and learning new things or did you develop that overtime?

What websites or other blogs would you recommend to RVers/campers or adventure travelers visit before they travel on there next vacation in the Carolinas?

Would you say your writing and traveling with your beau has brought you closer together?

You can read the interview here.

Next up: Richmond's battlefields and Waterfalling along Highway 64!

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