Behind, but Catching Up

I wasn't able to write the Roaring Fork Auto Trail post as I'd hoped before we had to pack up again and head to Pennsylvania for a conference. The Internet connection at the hotel wasn't the best, and—you guessed it—we did a little bit of exploring during free time.

As we did during our last visit to the state, we drove to Lititz to pick up some pretzels at the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery, founded in the 1860s. I learned about this place from the Travel Channel, but never expected to buy a hot pretzel right out of their ovens. They're hot, buttery, and delicious, and worth the drive. The charming little town that's Lititz is an added draw. A few photos:

And of course we had to visit Hershey. FYI, the triple chocolate brownies in the food court are great. Just don't expect to want chocolate for a few days.

To avoid drivers swerving and weaving between cars at high speeds (DC traffic, not NASCAR), we came home through Shenandoah National Park. Like the Blue Ridge Parkway, one main two-lane road cuts south through the park, and visitors can stop at overlooks to view the Shenandoah Valley, and also search for wildflowers. We spent the night at one of Skyland's rustic rooms and ate in a dining room that reminded me of the Pisgah Inn. Thankfully, a storm blew out some of the smog that hampered our view the first day.

It was worth the $15 entrance fee.

And that's why I'm behind. I hope to get caught up soon.


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