Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

I've blogged about the Blue Ridge Parkway in the past, but there is so much to do along America's favorite scenic highway, it's doubtful we can do it all in our lifetime.

But we're trying. After arriving in the High Country this afternoon, we popped on the Parkway near the Yadkin Valley Overlook and drove south to Price Lake. Along the way, we found rhododendrons, Touch-Me-Nots, Fire Pinks, Bee Balm, fantastic views and more. A few shots from today's excursion:

Bee Balm flourishing along the Parkway:

Fire Pinks:

Rhododendrons reflecting in Sims Pond:

Price Lake:

We're about to work on tomorrow's itinerary. Targeted destinations for this trip: the observation tower at Mt. Mitchell, Grayson Highland, and numerous waterfall and wildflower hikes in between. Photos to come.


kathyinozarks said...

beautiful-I was there as a child, on one of our camping trips, one of my favorite trips

Kimberli said...

How neat! I'm glad this brought back wonderful memories. We'll be here for a couple of days, and I'll publish photos and posts as able.