On the Road--Still

I haven't forgotten about the final Fort Fisher post or this blog. For the past week, I've been stuck in a hotel that had little to no Internet service. Beyond frustrating.

But we're almost home, so I'll have the Fort Fisher Historical Area post up soon. In addition to the history, there's a nice little trail down there, and when coupled with a trip to the Recreation Area and the NC Aquarium, it rounds out the day quite nicely.

Until then, the plan is to make a stop at South Mountain State Park in North Carolina. Originally, I had my eye on Chimney Rock—the view of Rumbling Bald and Lake Lure is fabulous—but I couldn't verify all trails had been cleared from recent winter storms. Next time.

Have a great weekend at whatever Carolina destination you choose to go. And if you're not sure where that might be, check out the labels to the right (below), or search for a state park:

North Carolina:
South Carolina:

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