South Carolina's ACE

There is a place of intrinsic beauty, where a lattice of watery tendrils bind the land. There, time idles while a heron takes flight and soars above the marshes, and the sea gathers the rivers like a mother, her young. There, the song of the Gullah is heard in the breeze that caresses the tattered moss hanging from gnarled trees.

It is a haven for majestic creatures in need of refuge. For those who long to feel the Lowcountry in their blood. It is South Carolina's exotic ACE Basin, and I have the privilege of spending three days here to explore, relax, and breathe the qualities that make this region so unique. During our visit, I hope to see lush Hunting Island State Park and the banded lighthouse that keeps watch over SC's southern shores; Beaufort, my favorite waterfront hideaway; Edisto Beach State Park, and the ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge.

It's far too to much to see in three days, but when I'm in this special place, I want to absorb what I can and take those memories home. This is the heart of the Lowcountry, an estuary of critical importance. This is what I love about South Carolina, and I'm pleased to take you along.

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