The Pumpkin Patch

It's autumn! And while the leaves on this side of the state stubbornly refuse to dress in fall colors, days are turning crisp and nights, cold. In the mood for hot apple cider, hearty soup, and anything that celebrates the season, we went to a local farm for a hay ride to a pumpkin patch. Which? I'd prefer not to say for reasons you'll soon see.

My husband quickly noticed the pumpkins were spaced fairly evenly, and were concentrated near the road.

Then he noticed they'd been cut from the vine. How convenient!

We learned something. As silly as it sounds, before we went, we should have called and asked if the owners grew the pumpkins directly on the farm, or if they'd been imported.

Oops! I half wonder if the bloom we found belonged to the pumpkin family:

No matter. We enjoyed the hayride, finding a pumpkin, and watching the smiles and laughter of several children on board. The time together and enjoying a cool autumn day on a pumpkin patch was worth the three dollar per person fee. And yes, we bought a pumpkin.

What can I say, I love fall. Happy autumn, dear readers!


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kathyinozarks said...

that does sound like a wonderful day, I have never heard of bringing in pumpkins lol

Kimberli said...

We're hoping they cut the pumpkins from their own field earlier in the season, and put them back in the patch as necessary. But if so, would they have stickers?

While it detracted from the moment a bit, we still had a wonderful time. As I understand it, there are several pumpkin farms in the area. What a great way to enjoy autumn!

Julie said...

Looks like a beautiful day, even with the! It makes me wonder, too.

We're like colors yet. Our garden's still growing, though, and I love being able to still eat okra in late October.

I look forward to seeing the colors...and your pictures of the colors. Happy Autumn to you, Kimberli!

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Julie. Time spent together and watching the children enjoy themselves made it a fantastic day. The colors are at peak in the mountains (lower elevations, I believe. Leaves may be gone in the High Country) so it should be bleeding our way soon. Let's hope.

Thanks for stopping by!