White Pines: Hiking Conservancy Trails

Members of the ENC branch of CarolinasAdventures recently tackled another Triangle Land Conservancy project: White Pines Preserve, located south of Pittsboro and north of Sanford. Just off Hwy 15-501, White Pines is a secluded forest edging the confluence of the Rocky and Deep Rivers.

Named for the trees growing throughout, White Pines is a great place for day hiking and birding. Seven trails cut through the forest and down into the river plain, and we hiked them all in just a couple hours. It was past bloom season, so few flowers were on hand to greet us, but we enjoyed the outing nonetheless.

It's summer in ENC and ticks, chiggers, poison ivy, and snakes abound. We encountered all at White Pines, so we decided to put off future visits until March, when the flowers are in bloom and the bugs are in hiding.

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Doug Nicholas said...

Glad to know you're visiting and blogging about Triangle Land Conservancy's nature preserves!

One nitpicky suggestion... I see you have the White Pines post labeled as "Nature Conservancy (TLC)." We're not affiliated with The Nature Conservancy - similar work, but we're local and independent. In blogging about future visits to our preserves, could you please label us "Triangle Land Conservancy"? Thanks for your consideration!

A couple other things...

You might want to check out our "Backyard Adventures" for more ideas on Triangle area places to visit:

And I love your photos! If you were interested in sharing for possible use in TLC publications, we'd be grateful. We can't offer any money, but we do provide byline credit. (My email below.)

I look forward to continuing to follow your travels!

Doug Nicholas
Director of Communications
Triangle Land Conservancy
doug (at) triangleland (dot) org.

Kimberli said...

Hi Doug, and thanks. We're pleased to have found TLC's lands. We've had a little help in that department: Kelvin Taylor introduced us to the TLC and Flower Hill, and either he and another CA member, Joe Rone, or Joe alone turned our heads toward White Pines. They're quite the gems!

Thanks for the label suggestion. I used it as a general term to group conservancy lands (i.e. State Park (NC), etc.) I can see why TLC and The Nature Conservancy, for that matter, would prefer I change it to something a little more accurate. I'll fix.

I'm happy to share the photos. I'll contact you via your email to discuss which.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kelvin Taylor said...

We certainly had a good time at White Pines. Your slide show is really cool!

Kimberli said...

Thanks, KT. And thanks for leading the way! Too bad about those ticks, eh?

Julie said...

I've been here recently, and you have really captured the beauty of the place, Kimberli. Great work!

Kimberli said...

Thanks, Julie! I'm glad you've had the opportunity to visit, though I hope you didn't end up with as many ticks as we did. At least ten between the five of us *shudders*

I hate those things.

According to fellow CA members, KT and Joe, White Pines is a must-see in March. I hope you can return then. We'll definitely give it a try.