A Disappointment

A few months ago, I announced Our State Magazine had used my "Why We Love North Carolina" blurb in their February issue, and that they accidentally misattributed the piece to a *sigh* Floridian.

Before that issue hit the shelves, someone from the editorial department called to tell me a correction would be printed in the April issue. April came, and so did the outstanding magazine, which contained just about everything but a correction. Ouch. I called Our State (for they'd left their phone number on my answering machine) and was told they'd look into it.

The newest issue recently appeared, but failed to include a correction. This was getting embarrassing, for I'd shared the news of the published blurb with family, friends, my writing group, my hiking group, my Facebook network, (I may have Twittered it as well) and anyone who happened on my blog post. So I called the editorial department again, and was basically told because it's now May, and because they're working on the July issue, it's too late to run the correction. But they'll look into it.


Obviously I'm disappointed. Will that affect my support of Our State? Oh my, have you see the magazine? It not only covers NC destinations, but each issue generally includes a restaurant review and Tar Heel stories. Among other things, we plan to visit a pound cake company in Benson, and a German restaurant in Sanford based on articles I read in the magazine. And it includes a ton of fabulous photos.

I don't agree with the editorial department's decision not to run a correction when I was told they would, but Our State is a fantastic publication, and--like my blog, which is free and has all articles available in a single click (see label list. I'm laughing here, really)--it's most helpful to newcomers.

So, despite the fact someone else can lay claim to my entry, I'm reprinting my blurb here. It's simple, but I systematically worked from the mountains to the sea, and included several aspects you'll recognize from this blog: natural communities, wildflowers, and "endangered lives", aka, NC's sea turtles:

Jagged mountains scoring blue skies
Water falling gracefully over tall cliffs
Fringed orchids near Elisha's Peak
A lazy day on the Parkway
Long tendrils of blackwater flowing past
longleaf pine savannas
Pretty Edenton sitting primly on the bay
Snow geese rising with the dawn
on quiet pocosins
Silent (lighthouse) sentinels guarding
endangered lives and watery graves

I don't recall including the word lighthouse in that line, but I jotted down the entry in a matter of minutes and sent it, so it's possible. Regardless, these are things we've learned to appreciate about North Carolina. I'm sure we'll find more as we continue to explore the state.


Brenda W. said...


How too bad .. that really speaks poorly about the professionalism of that magazine (of which I must admit, I've never looked at).

Any writer deserves appropriate credit for their work, but especially for all the well written pieces you've done on NC, your efforts should be more appropriately acknowledged.


Kimberli said...

Thanks, Brenda. On one hand, I can understand--it was a small piece, not contracted with money, and reader written. Who wants to take precious space for that?

However, they did state they would make the correction. And like you, I'm very surprised any publication would make an error and not correct it. But it's obvious I can't do about it except to correct it here.

Thanks for the kudos on my posts. You know how much we enjoy exploring both Carolinas and sharing our journeys.