NC Arboretum

Nearly three years after moving to the Upstate, we finally went to the North Carolina Arboretum, located near the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance off Hwy 191. Now we're kicking ourselves for not having gone sooner. We drove past this place shortly after our arrival, but having lived in Texas, where flowers bloom only three weeks of the year, flowers were out of reach and therefore, out of mind.

After joining CarolinasAdventures and seeing the magnificent macro pictures members posted online, detailing the uniqueness and delicate beauty of so many different varieties of flowers, we have a new appreciation for them. We'd hoped to see a few on this day, but could spot none along the Carolina Nature Trail. But it taught us a lesson. Had we bothered to check into what the Arboretum has to offer, we would have discovered their numerous hiking trails sooner.

The Arboretum is family friendly. Sitting on over 420 acres in the Pisgah Forest, it offers ten hiking trails, ranging from easy to difficult, ten garden areas, a visitor's center with nice restrooms, a gift shop, small cafe, and gorgeous scenery throughout.

For more information, go to NC Arboretum.

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